Thursday, December 1, 2011



Falls in

Steady drops

Lingering soft

On my eyelashes

I turn my face toward

The darkened and cloudy skies

With a longing to feel your kiss

On lips revealed by my parted knees

The memory makes me instantly wet

I fucked you

I fucked you

In my dreams

All the ways I wanted

Feet in the palms of your hands

Rocking my hips against your thighs

Legs spread wide

I fucked you

All across my pillow

Face down

Ass up with my ankles crossed

Hands held behind my back


I fucked you

Sitting astride your hips

Leaning over

Offering you my nipple

To lick and suck

Making me moan in pleasure

I fucked you

Taking your dick into my mouth

Lazily drawing my tongue

Over the head and suckling

Drawing you further

Into my throat

I fucked you

Without ceasing

Throughout the night

Covers thrown in the floor

Only to wake up

Alone and horny

© NP 11/11

Monday, September 5, 2011

Love...clarity pyramid


Once found

Can’t be lost

I love you wholly

Without reservations

Even after tides have turned

“I will never want another”

Friday, August 19, 2011

Fours...Clarity Pyramid


Take me

To my knees

I cannot resist

A masterful handling

By a man of mastery

"Teach me my place within your bed"


I write to you in nonsense

So that you know I am still alive

And I can feel connected to

The past love that lives

Here in my present

But only in your memory

I write to you in nonsense

The words can seem silly

To the unmastered ears

Not attuned to the keen of longing

Decibled higher than a

Light flashing, wailing ambulance

I write to you in nonsense

Words, please mine

That is my only currency

To gift to you from my soul

Heart pleas touches only you

Can begin to understand

© NP


Friday, July 29, 2011


Layers upon layers
Fine, whispy coats
Of sheer veneer
The shadow of your hand
Plays under several
Half way to my mask
Halfway to my heart
Each position in which I lay
Aches for someone to hold
The hopelessness of desire
Blends with an unrelieved
Taste of loss now on
My every breath
Tears preempt a cold
Preventing my escape
From loneliness

A great change
Has occurred here
I no longer have to convince
The manifested spirits
Who wander in and out
Of my waking days
Whispering in quick claim
Of the fear I have
In riding the electric storm
That may not produce
A sunrise
My song has been pulled
Under black waves
And I can’t breathe
Trapped forever beyond
What I want and need
And what I have been allowed

I would like to think
That the sun
Brings consolation
Even when I am found
Sitting in the rays
Arms wrapped my middle
Trying to hold the pain in
The blisters on my hand
Turn into staining wounds
I continue to ponder
All the theological questions
Of the why and the why
Each luminosity at twilight
Spreads only darkness
Into the coming sunset
I need for the anguish
To be captured in
Pewter common cups
Making the wafers
Easier to swallow

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

(can't sleep)

He awaits me

In corners and blind alleys

Full tilt neon boogie

In get back blues

I speak

His name loudly

Damn near scream his name

In a delta rhythm

Heel clicking on sidewalks

Broken glass sparks

Moist and hot

In a basin of water

His power over me

Strong and relentless

So I run faster, wider

My hips sway stactically

Pearls on the river

And blood in my veins


Drawn towards his light

As if I didn’t know better

I confessed

To my preacher

I just knew

A longing like this

Had to be a sin

He only agreed

And wiped electric

Off his chin

In that tired knowing

Of one that has

Been full before

Has been sated

At the table

No blessing for me

Just a pat on the hand

Even he was afraid

Of a new embrace

That could start

Him to moving

Into the void, again

Still I speak

Him into being

Ordered and

Disordering my words

Staining my radiance

In a swirling mist

Allowing the water

To cover me

To fill the spaces

He left open

Cleansing vowels

My reflection

Breaking shadows

Into more shade

I’m ready

To cross over

Spitting the flavor

Onto the pavement


Of the taste

On the tip

Of my tongue

My flesh is weathered

And bears the mark

Of his days

Across my belly

Around my hip

I span the length

With fingers spread

Until prints

Coil together in

A nest of promises

Unfulfilled sacredness

Trembling at the edge

Of a passerby’s irises

Sightless again

And I just want

The scent of him

In my mouth

To quench this thirst

This knowing

This lightening

Scorching my breast

The dawn is near

Though I know

I won’t sleep again

Closing my door

On the life outside

And drinking tea

In a broken cup

I am ashamed

At susceptibility

Of words spoken

In whispers

Wrapped in linens

And perched on windowsills

Holding the pain

Behind my smiles

He comes to me

In lonely thoughts

But I know hear

For I no longer


In love

© NP 5/20/11

Chocolate...Crown Oddquain

Brown ladies
On summery streets
Colorful sun dresses melt

Of your skin
Invites a cool tongue
To a slow licking of sweet

Peeking out
From your hidden places
Succulent curves on display

Into light
Desires of you
From milk to cocoa flavored

Rainbow hued women
A black woman reigns over

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Song of Solomon 4:16

“Awake, O north wind; and come, thou south; blow upon my garden, that the spices thereof may flow out. Let my beloved come into his garden, and eat his pleasant fruits.”

A wind bloweth gently

Stirring the hair

At the nape of my neck

Eyes closed I savor the scent

Of musk and spice and Africa

The loam of earth’s origin

Grown in fabled gardens

I await my beloved’s return

For reclamation

Prepared with anointments

Ruddy with ministrations

Fine gold braided in strands

At the secreted entrance

To a private sanctuary

Pomegranates lay heavy on boughs

Cinnamon studded with spikes

Of the finest saffron

Reddened apple bottomed fruits

And succulent peaches

The table set and feast prepared

Let my beloved come and have his fill

Awake fair winds

Bear him to his garden

Stir the petals gently

To release the spicy pungency

Of my ripened fruit

Grown from his careful tendings

Seeded for his palate only

The Art Forbidden

Song of Solomon


By night on my bed I sought him whom my soul loveth: I sought him, but I found him not.

I will rise now, and go about the city in the streets, and in the broad ways I will seek him whom my soul loveth: I sought him, but I found him not.

The watchmen that go about the city found me: to whom I said, Saw ye him whom my soul loveth?

Why did you hide from me

I beseeched you ernestly

In city streets and

Lanes paved wide

Across heaven's horizons

I sought your face

My soul longed for you

Every watchman watched

But none could help me

Find you who I desired

Above the touch of strangers

That I will always shun

By night I dreamed

Of your sweet voice

Calling out to me

Calling me from evensong

In the quietest hour

Twixt now and then

Though in all faith

I prayed without ceasing

I fasted on my knees

I called you by name

But you answered not

Your essence still lingers

Around every memory

Those that keep count

Of us who are alone

Cannot erase the stain of tears

As there is no grace

Sufficient to make an art

Of being one forbidden love

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Skin I'm In

Wrinkled and discolored

My skin is stretched to its limit

Of pain and scars

Permanent markers

Of the places you touched me

Gently and softly with tenderness

The bruises on my cheek, my calf

Extend the polar ends of

How my heart was stretched

Into pieces, little pieces

I live behind the kisses

And the promises

Uttered by lips

Disconnected from your heart

Words never meant to be fulfilled

But tasted good

On a practiced tongue

Skin that will not be lied to

Will not be bruised by another

I have no untouched places left

Unburned by your kind of love

This is the skin I’m in

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I am very blessed to have been a guest on Inner Child Radio.
Please enjoy the broadcast.


Sunday, June 12, 2011


I wake to sweat soaked sheets

Swimming in a angry rage

Purple pool of tears

My senses have bleed out

Onto the bed’s heavy blankets

Abortive pain stains my bed

Gripping the headboard

I try to stand

And find that my knees

No longer work well

Head swimming

Trying to make it to

The hallway bathroom

I fall to the floor

And crawl the rest of the way

Falling over into the tub

I lie on my back

So that I won’t drown

And be found face down

In this amniotic

Flood of love’s tears

© NP 5/21/11

Catching up

I will posting more writes in the days to come.
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Each breath

I can feel

Fingers pulsing

Under thin cotton

Making me cup my hardness

Between jeans and the windowsill

I am as stiff as your nipples

And securely hidden by the steam

From my breath outside your bedroom window

Thursday, March 10, 2011

My pussy snitched on you

My pussy snitched on you.

But don’t blame me

I wasn’t even there

Eyes rolled in the back of my head

Chanting for help

With every oh yes and oh please

I was out

Not tapping but holding on tight

In pure delight, I shivered

Thought I was twisting your sheet?

No sir, I was counting threads

To keep oral pleasure from going to my head

To keep that punnani under control

But she don’t listen to me

You whisper her name

And she begins to coo

And she begins to ooze

Sweet honey from the rock

She keeps under the hood

An engine remastered for maximum speed

My pussy snitched on you

But don’t blame me

I wasn’t even there

The stars I see orbiting my space

Are somewhere out there in another place

And time

And future

That you and she create

You call her name

Without my knowledge

And out of my hearing

And I suddenly become weak in the knees

Knees parted and sighing

I know you can hear her song

And it is at that moment

That I forget my name

And everything around

Save how to get her to you

My pussy snitched on you

It is only your rhythm she knows

In each refrain til the song is done

Eyes rolled in the back of my head

Chanting for help

Will you make this snatch cum?

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Garden...Puente Style

Mary, Mary quite contrary

I need you with something very

Much like a longing to possess

The secret of your happiness

In my garden you will stay

For only there with you may I lay

~Where night will never turn to day~

Here only in captivity you remain

I find it is not ropes but chains

That bounds my soul to you

For you have gained the coup

The butterflies that now do come

Carry tales of how I was undone

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

marry-oh-nyet (girlfriend in a box)

You do

I do

Do love

Do sex

Sex there

Sex here

Here maybe

Here soon

Soon good

Soon patiently

Patiently hard

Patiently wait

Wait for you

Wait months

Months pass

Months come

Come spring

Come fell

Fell hard

Fell in love

Love in heart

Love in soul

Soul worried

Soul troubled

Troubled word

Troubled water

Water flows

Water salty

Salty preserves

Salty keeps

Keeps in storage

Keep on shelf

Shelf in closet

Shelf over bed

Bed is empty

Bed is cold

Cold hands

Cold feet

Feet straight

Feet bound

Bound emotion

Bound tight

Tight board

Tight corded

Corded nyet

Corded girlfriend




When it started I was sleeping

Dreaming of being in love and

My hand broke and fell off

No longer able to pen the words

That I have always hid behind

My voice was love’s next casualty

Quivering while trying to say your name

On the phone, in conversation

I couldn’t even speak face to face

A croak, a whisper and it too was no more

The clavicle gave in to my shoulder

Proved useless by the lack of hands

And I rolled to one side and off the bed

Like one who has had a stroke

And with no voice to call for help

I had fallen and couldn’t get up

Imagine my surprise when I discovered

That my feet began rooting to the carpet

A shaggy nude wall to wall fibrousity

Unable to move less my ankles break as well

The cords of muscles knot into disuse

Unconnecting to knobby knees

Til only the torso remains

Everything has a way of going back

To its own origins, unselected de-evolution

The remnants of our love is back to lust

And the only things remaining in the shadow

Are tits and ass

My man

I want my man to kiss

I want his full lips pressed against mine

Sweet sweet breath across my mouth

I want my man’s hand

To hold mine in his firm strong grip

Lengthening the path of my lifeline

I want my man’s touch

Leaving electric blue sparks along my spine

As if he harnessed light

I want my man’s skin

Pressed against mine with no room for sweat

Tongue on the back of my neck

I want my man’s pulse

Measuring the rhythm of my heartbeat

Pacing our passion

I want my man soon

For it has been far too many long months

I need my man right now

I want my man

I want his heart to belong only to me

As my heart belongs to him