Thursday, December 1, 2011



Falls in

Steady drops

Lingering soft

On my eyelashes

I turn my face toward

The darkened and cloudy skies

With a longing to feel your kiss

On lips revealed by my parted knees

The memory makes me instantly wet

I fucked you

I fucked you

In my dreams

All the ways I wanted

Feet in the palms of your hands

Rocking my hips against your thighs

Legs spread wide

I fucked you

All across my pillow

Face down

Ass up with my ankles crossed

Hands held behind my back


I fucked you

Sitting astride your hips

Leaning over

Offering you my nipple

To lick and suck

Making me moan in pleasure

I fucked you

Taking your dick into my mouth

Lazily drawing my tongue

Over the head and suckling

Drawing you further

Into my throat

I fucked you

Without ceasing

Throughout the night

Covers thrown in the floor

Only to wake up

Alone and horny

© NP 11/11