Friday, December 31, 2010


A hiss escapes your mouth
The steam forms patterns on the top
Of your balding pale pate
If I look real close I can see the limbs
Of sturdy trees and shadows
The metal tipped leather glinting
In the rays of a hot, hot sun
Extending down into your blackened heart
Were you created out of the mire
Of cotton fields and swamp water
Broad shadows of the stupidity
You clutch around your shoulders
Blood runs freely at your feet
And you still try to stomp out the words
That fell from your mouth
Hate and putridity give form to your fear
Are you afraid of the niggarmares
That dance jigs
Behind your closed eyes
Created in the ignorance that haunts you
And like the bitch that I am
I blow my dark whispers
Across the surface of your skin
So that every thought you hear
Every phrase you attempt to speak
Marks the place where your soul
Was born freely into this realm
That you and your parents

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