Friday, October 26, 2012


I place at your feet
The essence of my earth
The flavor of my heart
Consecrated in holy words
Flowered rituals at doorsteps
A blessing from God’s store
With fire, water and iron
Companions four of man
To make water holy
To preserve my love
And cleanse pain
I have sown my path
In altered piles
Praying in desert places
And hidden in the cleft
I should not look back
At things that did me harm
For I have been brought
My despair purchased
At the edge of dark
And what was once unsavory
Has becomes fit for your table

© NP 10/26/12

Saturday, October 20, 2012


Sometimes, sometimes
I wake up and not know
Who I am, just that I are
The lights of the day
Shine on my pillows through
Skylights in the roof
Warming my feet at
The head of the board

Sometimes, just sometimes
I put my fingers in my heart
Searching for some sense
Of what I am missing
Of what used to be there
When you were in it
Keeping my pieces from
Falling through the wholes

Sometimes and oftimes                                                                                                                                                               
I cry into my blankets
When I think I hear your voice
Or even hear the phone ring
But it is not real
No more real than feeling
Your arms wrapped around mine
Or your kiss on my lips

Sometimes and this time
At the eve of yesterday
I am greatfilled that you
Do not fault me for my sins
And in the dimming of
A new life under new skies
I have a chance to be friends
With my best friend

© NP 10/20/12

Friday, October 5, 2012

Sleep... Palindrome

Languishing and bereft 
Days stretching into months 
Flights across blue skies 
Yours into mine 
Fingers searching for fingers 
Arms resting within 
Covered and protected 
Protected and covered 
Within resting arms 
Fingers for searching fingers 
Mine into yours 
Skies blue across flights 
Months into stretching days 
Bereft and languishing 

© NP 03/11

Distant Lover...Palindrome

Felt dreams as
Called cyan
Drunken love
Kiss to flesh
Heart to hand
Tattooed passion burning
Galvanizing heat into lonely
Memory distant
Distance hazy
Horizon’s mountain horizontal
Far and farway
Again return here
Submerged oasis of longing
Longing of oasis submerged
Here return again
Faraway and far
Horizontal mountain’s horizon
Hazy distance
Distant memory
Lonely into heat galvanizing
Burning passion tattooed
Hand to heart
Flesh to kiss
Love drunken
Cyan called
As dreams felt

(c) NP 07/10

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


It all started with a puff of weed 
From one to another passed round 
Mindful to not catch a hot seed 
That makes you spit out on the ground 

From one to another passed round 
A joint, spliff or mary jane to share 
That makes you spit out on the ground 
Watching for the stems with care 

A joint, spliff or mary jane to share 
Puff and pass, huff then exhale 
Watching for the stems with care 
This was the best that was for sale 

Puff and pass, huff then exhale 
Mindful to not catch a hot seed 
This was the best that was for sale 
It all started with a puff of weed 

© NP 5/09

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Dreamin...7 cubed

When I am held in your arms
I contemplate mysteries
Like the origin of ants
And whether they could tell
If the lawn in which they live
Is mowed by a Methodist
Or a Presbyterian

When I am in your arms
I have the time to count words
And calculate the number
Of times it appears in song
I always pick easy words
And I meticulously
Avoid ones like I love you

When I am in your arms
Time just seems to crawl slowly
Each tick resounds in my ear
Each tock as a clanging bell
I begin to wonder at
Your affliction of deafness
Since you do not seem to hear

When I am in your arms
I often think of my lunch
Would a sandwich have been good
Will I pack or buy next time
There are so many choices
In the frozen food aisles
Some actually quite tasty

When I am in your arms
I hope I watered the plants
And took the trash out today
Did I leave dirty dishes
Fluff the pillows on my bed
Not that you would ever know
For I have not asked you home

When I am in your arms
I think of the arms I miss
The mistakes I have made
That have left me with just you
I regret every moment
Of the should have, could have, beens
My dreams are only azure

When I am in your arms
I can’t help but imagine
How good my hot bath will feel
Then you think you have pleased me
And roll over with a grunt
As I miss my cigarettes
Though I have never smoked one

(c) NP 09/10


Between thighs

Recall is fuzzy
But I do remember
Plastic does not feel the same

“Help, where do the batteries go?”


Wane moon’s give to facing sun
Bliss whispered
Legs wider exposes soft flesh
Lowering in anticipation
Of thrust pressed upward
Heart racing in silent voices
Bodies harmonizing together
Movement in disappearing synchronization
Flesh takes
Takes flesh
Synchronization disappearing in movement
Together harmonizing bodies
Voices silent in racing hearts
Upward pressed thrust of
Anticipation in lowering
Flesh soft exposes wider legs
Whispered bliss
Sun facing to give moon’s wane

© 09/09

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Is your tongue
On my bare skin
That can make me scream your whole name out loud
Every pass of heat punctuates pleasure
The cooling trail
Makes me

© NP 09/18/12

Monday, September 3, 2012

I am mad at you God

I am mad at you God

I rail against the injustices of your gift

The serpent at my heel

And all the while

The story to the left

And the story to the right

For listening ears

Divided as the times on a fork, forked

I am angry with you God

I was better off not being loved

Not loving in return

Boxed in insingularity

Cold yet alone and safe

I don’t understand God

You desire truth in the inward parts

It is a delight in all you wrought

So David says, so to Darryl

Was my love not approved?

Not tested in flames, rendered solid?

Turned this from confession to favor

Love is from you and yet thwarted

Dismembered and unfolded

Judged temporary

Contrasting sharply with your purity

Behind false words

What was the plan Lord?

A cleansing of immaturity

A purification of the soul

I acknowledge my humanness and

The desire to be yoked

With one whose heart is for you

And I ask again Lord

While Darryl is so happy and content

In his words and actions

Finding a grace in his choices

Why is my heart the one that’s broken?

© Navypoet 06/12



Spiritus Vitae

Is love dead?

Or merely in disguise

Cloaked in words

Unrecognizable as true

I love and yet

Am not loved back

So I cease to believe

In the fairy tales

Of enough

Being enough

Wanting enough

Needing enough

Words to the wind

For they cannot be a prayer


“I love you”

And leaves fall to the ground

For lack of breath

Choked back in closed throats

With nothing to give them life

“why not you”

And I cannot answer

As I do not know

The why or reason

Of the failure to close

Out my heart to certain pain


That time

Knowing full well

There cannot be another

There are not enough pieces

Remaining to piece a whole

Quilt, blanket, shroud

Winding sheet to cover death

Nothing to hide behind

Save a crooked mask


And In its place a rock

Cold hard coal


When not found on the list

Of the wanted

Tallying the wrongs

I must have committed

And still not knowing

The truth of what was



A winter heart lies fallow

In departed hope

Crimson fades to the grey

Of blood deliberately spilled

On the purity of navy robes

Trailing on the ground

Behind one lost


And abandoned

In shadows cast by silence

No longer able to feel

The breath of life


© NP 8/1/12

Friday, June 22, 2012

One hundred and eleven degrees

One hundred and eleven degrees
Is that the boiling point of passion?
Or just the tempering of eXXXcitement
As the mercury soars upward into clear skies
Feels good
The heat makes my skin tingle
On my breast

One hundred and eleven degrees
The pooling sweat steams
Where my tongue meets you
Your gears are ready to shift
And I wet my fist for traction
LuscXXXious, is your taste in my mouth
Knowing that our playground is this corner
Escalades my pleasure to maXXXimum
One hundred and eleven degrees
It’s too damned hot
To stay inside
The street fill with men
And they can see
My nakedness in the windshield
The eXXXcitement makes them young again
As youth whispers
In waiting ears
Come here, baby
on a
© Navypoet 6/12


When I close my eyes
A golden sun dances in reverie

I can imagine your touch
On my breast, thighs and hip

My soul hums island rhythms
Waiting in the palm of your hand

I have emptied my pockets
Of rocks and lies and pennies

The changes have helped
To lighten a heavy load

And I am now happy
To share my smiles with you

For my dreams are filled with
Flowers, surf, rain and chocolate

I know this is all true
Because the Caribbean tastes like candy
© NP 6/12