Saturday, October 20, 2012


Sometimes, sometimes
I wake up and not know
Who I am, just that I are
The lights of the day
Shine on my pillows through
Skylights in the roof
Warming my feet at
The head of the board

Sometimes, just sometimes
I put my fingers in my heart
Searching for some sense
Of what I am missing
Of what used to be there
When you were in it
Keeping my pieces from
Falling through the wholes

Sometimes and oftimes                                                                                                                                                               
I cry into my blankets
When I think I hear your voice
Or even hear the phone ring
But it is not real
No more real than feeling
Your arms wrapped around mine
Or your kiss on my lips

Sometimes and this time
At the eve of yesterday
I am greatfilled that you
Do not fault me for my sins
And in the dimming of
A new life under new skies
I have a chance to be friends
With my best friend

© NP 10/20/12

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