Monday, September 3, 2012

I am mad at you God

I am mad at you God

I rail against the injustices of your gift

The serpent at my heel

And all the while

The story to the left

And the story to the right

For listening ears

Divided as the times on a fork, forked

I am angry with you God

I was better off not being loved

Not loving in return

Boxed in insingularity

Cold yet alone and safe

I don’t understand God

You desire truth in the inward parts

It is a delight in all you wrought

So David says, so to Darryl

Was my love not approved?

Not tested in flames, rendered solid?

Turned this from confession to favor

Love is from you and yet thwarted

Dismembered and unfolded

Judged temporary

Contrasting sharply with your purity

Behind false words

What was the plan Lord?

A cleansing of immaturity

A purification of the soul

I acknowledge my humanness and

The desire to be yoked

With one whose heart is for you

And I ask again Lord

While Darryl is so happy and content

In his words and actions

Finding a grace in his choices

Why is my heart the one that’s broken?

© Navypoet 06/12



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