Saturday, October 23, 2010

Every good business woman
Knows what the customers want
She hears everything they say
And everything they don’t
Perhaps a well appointed table
In a elegantly furnished room
Sometimes a glass of whiskey
Is a very important tool
Let me light your cigar
While I sit upon your knee
Tell mama what you want
Keep nothing hid from me
Do you like my new stockings?
I bought them just for you
They match the robe perfectly
In a just a lighter shade of blue
I keep them in my dresser
Until you come to call
Along with the robe I always wear
Unless you want nothing at all
I prefer some decoration though
The sexier the better
That and your breath on my ear
Just keeps me getting wetter
Sometimes that doesn’t matter
Depends all on your fair mood
You always pay the same price
I won’t leave you feeling screwed
Our agency treats the best
And can fix your woes
In one way or another
You’ll feel so good after your hour
You’ll be calling up your mother

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