Tuesday, October 5, 2010

on the occasion of a dry well

Take me to the edge of night

And release me into the void

In the lee of darkness

I am restless in the dawn

The light reveals much more

Than I wish to own

Insecurity and doubt

Ride my treads in evidence

The breath of faithlessness

Blows across my left shoulder

So I turn away

Though do not seek another path

On a trail I have oft renewed

When in mortal despair

Relegating the steps to memory

For I cannot seem to move

Beyond the familiar

Anointing on my dry skin

Of briars and weeds

As I pass the dangers imagined

Real and unreal

Nightmared in dreams

Though not in sleep

I am not afraid

For here the stars do not shine

And there is nothing

To be illumined

This is a lonely road

Nothing ahead and nothing beyond

Save the knowing of onlyness

Woven into a web of scars

Covering old wounds

So it is unexpected

The warmth of your hand

The tenderness in your voice

I stand still

And I remain indecisive

The next step remains untaken

For you never know when

An oasis bears no water

And every move toward it

Will only disappoint

As I have found many dry holes

But you continue to call my name

In tones of liquid azure

And I am so thirsty.

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