Friday, July 29, 2011


Layers upon layers
Fine, whispy coats
Of sheer veneer
The shadow of your hand
Plays under several
Half way to my mask
Halfway to my heart
Each position in which I lay
Aches for someone to hold
The hopelessness of desire
Blends with an unrelieved
Taste of loss now on
My every breath
Tears preempt a cold
Preventing my escape
From loneliness

A great change
Has occurred here
I no longer have to convince
The manifested spirits
Who wander in and out
Of my waking days
Whispering in quick claim
Of the fear I have
In riding the electric storm
That may not produce
A sunrise
My song has been pulled
Under black waves
And I can’t breathe
Trapped forever beyond
What I want and need
And what I have been allowed

I would like to think
That the sun
Brings consolation
Even when I am found
Sitting in the rays
Arms wrapped my middle
Trying to hold the pain in
The blisters on my hand
Turn into staining wounds
I continue to ponder
All the theological questions
Of the why and the why
Each luminosity at twilight
Spreads only darkness
Into the coming sunset
I need for the anguish
To be captured in
Pewter common cups
Making the wafers
Easier to swallow

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