Friday, June 25, 2010


Rooms adjoining

Door too thin

I stand and listen

While you get it in

“That’s it, yeah”

Thump, thump bump

“Give me that dick,

Unhunh, unhunh”

“I like it like that”

And I can recall

How sweaty skin feels

Even through the walls

With each moan and gasp

The heat runs up my back

“Oh baby, baby” and

It feels like its air I lack

The fingers on my clit

Keeps time with their rush

Caught up in their rhythm

In time with each thrust

What’s that? Wait?

Are they changing position?

Just enough time to get wetter

Maintain the condition

Her words become less

His shouts, now a moan

One final creak, collapse

Damn, why am I alone?!

1 comment:

  1. It can be that way sometimes... I came back to read this again, it's so visual and mind seductive... I enjoy it every time I read it.... I see you had a visitor from Kuwait, is that HIM! .. Peace my friend, I have a lot of reading to do..