Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I want you to fuck me up against a wall

One hand by my head the other on my hip

Hard and quick til we both see the stars

That orbits our personal sexual gravity

Hot wet pussy around your thick hard dick

Tits bouncing with each of your strokes

Your hot breath in my neck, teeth on my ear

Your voice, sultry and ragged over my shoulder

“Oh baby, I have been dreaming of your wetness”

And you make me wetter still, dripping and purring

To the rhythm of your pulse, one note, one beat

You roll my nipple with the flat of your palm

And electricity flows down my spine

Arching my back trying to get even more of you

Til I am weeping with the need to explode

At your command and at your hand

You take my body, remolding it, shaping it

Into your perfect fit, til I become an extension

Of your frame, with my face pressed against

The wall as it turns from sapphire to cerulean

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