Friday, June 4, 2010

crucially cerulean

A midnight sky under a full moon
Holds no sway against the tides
Chief tutelage of a master
Removed my need of the bosun’s whistle
The only blowing you will experience
Will set your mind to reeling
Your senses tingling
Your balance akilter
I will draw from your Poetic pen
The azure pigment needed to
Inscribe my name on your skin
That you will forever wear tattooed
In the small of your back
On your inner thigh
Across the third rib
For even in the dawn of creation
I sprang from that place
Full grown Athenian
And while you might say
This makes me subservient to you
The real truth is you need me
Your warrior maiden
You desire me
My body calls you
In a primal language
Of verbal grunts and adjectivial groans
Tears and sweat release in individual droplets
There is no intimate inhibitions
To hell with trite contrition
To make you whole
To bear your rhythm
To baptize your spirit
There is no prodigal return
Except through me
I am your middle passage to navigate
Until you refine your purpose
I will remain the sapphire oasis in your desert
Each probing implantation in other waters
Will only leave you blue and never quench your thirst
I await the whisper, if you dare to speak
"Crucially" cerulean across my lips

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