Friday, June 25, 2010

great sex

Fingertips on my jaw

Tracing the outline of

Your kiss’s echo

Down my neck and

Across my collarbone

Slow and sensual memory

Of the path of your tongue

I wet my mouth

In anticipation of your flavor

Hearing the gasp

Escape from your lips

As they encircle my nipple

Or was that the sigh

Of fabric on skin

Across my arched back

The palm of your hand

Stokes a flame where

The curve of my hip

Gives way to the mound

Secreting the evidence

Of what you demand

Of my willing mind

To be in complete

Submission to you

Unable and desiring not

To stem the heat

Nor the wetness

Across my thighs

The invitation written

In your urgent voice

My needs fall on either

Side of your smooth

Chocolate frame

Hard and slow

Fast and easy

Feeding off your need

To be inside controlling

The crescendo of my rhythm

On top, underneath

Beside and behind

Senses are bombarded

By my pant, your groan

Your call, my answer

Sweat painting a sheer

Heat creating a fog

Through which you are

My only beacon

And I am drawn to you

Matching your cadence

Reaching for the

Orgasmic completion

That would stop my heart

If you were not there

To collapse upon me

And hold my satisfaction

Firmly in place


  1. Speechless will have to do in describing the erotic persona of this poem...
    Write on Navypoet....

  2. Its wild, when i read this i can close my eyes and almost be there.
    Great writings.