Tuesday, June 22, 2010

December May

Unprecedentedly forbidden we are

Deliciously defying convention

This young man finds silly my old fashioned way

Like turning off the lights and dressing for bed

He is wild and free preferring to be natural

He insists that the slope of my breast is beautiful

Covered up and yet to be worshipped when naked

Anywhere, everywhere he tunes my body like one

Seeking gold in a naked light, pure unfiltered sun

He strokes the ampleness of my curved belly and thigh

No longer tight and supple as his

Languishing, lazily and longingly, easy with the awe of

Something unfound, my landscape of time passing

My hand seeks the slow changes with a timid

Exploration always ending in the evidence of his tumescence

This young man with no history wants to hear my stories

And he listens to my life, wishes, hopes and dreams

Validating my need to be wistful and young if only inside.

While we lie spooned he enters me quickly and I am

Startled by the sharp sensation, pleasured in his immediate and

Evident desire and need, wanting me to respond in kind

And I do, wondrous at my body’s rhythm and acceptance

Afterwards he always sleeps, spent, sated and consumed

And I must dress and leave because to stay, leaves me

No alternate reality to come back to.

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