Friday, June 25, 2010


Rooms adjoining

Door too thin

I stand and listen

While you get it in

“That’s it, yeah”

Thump, thump bump

“Give me that dick,

Unhunh, unhunh”

“I like it like that”

And I can recall

How sweaty skin feels

Even through the walls

With each moan and gasp

The heat runs up my back

“Oh baby, baby” and

It feels like its air I lack

The fingers on my clit

Keeps time with their rush

Caught up in their rhythm

In time with each thrust

What’s that? Wait?

Are they changing position?

Just enough time to get wetter

Maintain the condition

Her words become less

His shouts, now a moan

One final creak, collapse

Damn, why am I alone?!

great sex

Fingertips on my jaw

Tracing the outline of

Your kiss’s echo

Down my neck and

Across my collarbone

Slow and sensual memory

Of the path of your tongue

I wet my mouth

In anticipation of your flavor

Hearing the gasp

Escape from your lips

As they encircle my nipple

Or was that the sigh

Of fabric on skin

Across my arched back

The palm of your hand

Stokes a flame where

The curve of my hip

Gives way to the mound

Secreting the evidence

Of what you demand

Of my willing mind

To be in complete

Submission to you

Unable and desiring not

To stem the heat

Nor the wetness

Across my thighs

The invitation written

In your urgent voice

My needs fall on either

Side of your smooth

Chocolate frame

Hard and slow

Fast and easy

Feeding off your need

To be inside controlling

The crescendo of my rhythm

On top, underneath

Beside and behind

Senses are bombarded

By my pant, your groan

Your call, my answer

Sweat painting a sheer

Heat creating a fog

Through which you are

My only beacon

And I am drawn to you

Matching your cadence

Reaching for the

Orgasmic completion

That would stop my heart

If you were not there

To collapse upon me

And hold my satisfaction

Firmly in place

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

December May

Unprecedentedly forbidden we are

Deliciously defying convention

This young man finds silly my old fashioned way

Like turning off the lights and dressing for bed

He is wild and free preferring to be natural

He insists that the slope of my breast is beautiful

Covered up and yet to be worshipped when naked

Anywhere, everywhere he tunes my body like one

Seeking gold in a naked light, pure unfiltered sun

He strokes the ampleness of my curved belly and thigh

No longer tight and supple as his

Languishing, lazily and longingly, easy with the awe of

Something unfound, my landscape of time passing

My hand seeks the slow changes with a timid

Exploration always ending in the evidence of his tumescence

This young man with no history wants to hear my stories

And he listens to my life, wishes, hopes and dreams

Validating my need to be wistful and young if only inside.

While we lie spooned he enters me quickly and I am

Startled by the sharp sensation, pleasured in his immediate and

Evident desire and need, wanting me to respond in kind

And I do, wondrous at my body’s rhythm and acceptance

Afterwards he always sleeps, spent, sated and consumed

And I must dress and leave because to stay, leaves me

No alternate reality to come back to.

Monday, June 21, 2010


There always seem to come a time in a relationship for evaluation. Where are we, where are we going, how do we get there or even do we want to go there? Invariably one person is on a different place in the path than the other. I find it hard to walk abreast on a narrow path. One will always be a step ahead and as follows, one will be a step behind. This has the potential for awkwardness if you both do not have the same destination in mind.
I have heard it said that one of a couple has "fallen out of love". I do not think this is true at all. I believe the two individuals were on different paths. This could have occurred at any point in the journey. I think it's important to have open face to face communication about your relationship. You may find that you were never really sure of the other person. It's easy to avoid the pain and not face the truth and many people take that path. I have taken that path.
This time I will not take that path. I will follow my man to the ends of the earth as long as I am sure of the path he is taking in all things.

"Piglet sidled up to Pooh from behind. "Pooh," he whispered.

"Yes, Piglet?"

"Nothing," said Piglet, taking Pooh's paw, "I just wanted to be sure of you."

Deep chocolate coated kiss

Fills my mouth with such bliss

No wonder that’s what I miss

A little bit of that and a lot of this

Gives reason to my loneliness

Only in dreams may I reminisce

For with you it’s futile to insist

That we are overdue for a visit

So I will continue to make lists

Even though an aching need exists

And friends inquire of what’s amiss

Their concerns I verbally dismiss

While in private drown in the abyss

All for longing of the taste of your lips

Thursday, June 17, 2010

My stomach
Tracing patterns
A subtle promise
That you would give me all
Though we are beyond the years
For the creation of more breath
Our joy is in the new memories

these fucking words...clarity pyramid



Can’t explain

Just how you move me

When I can feel your breath

Lead your tongue across my lips

“They aren’t always necessary”

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I want you to fuck me up against a wall

One hand by my head the other on my hip

Hard and quick til we both see the stars

That orbits our personal sexual gravity

Hot wet pussy around your thick hard dick

Tits bouncing with each of your strokes

Your hot breath in my neck, teeth on my ear

Your voice, sultry and ragged over my shoulder

“Oh baby, I have been dreaming of your wetness”

And you make me wetter still, dripping and purring

To the rhythm of your pulse, one note, one beat

You roll my nipple with the flat of your palm

And electricity flows down my spine

Arching my back trying to get even more of you

Til I am weeping with the need to explode

At your command and at your hand

You take my body, remolding it, shaping it

Into your perfect fit, til I become an extension

Of your frame, with my face pressed against

The wall as it turns from sapphire to cerulean

Friday, June 11, 2010

one hundred and eleven degrees

One hundred and eleven degrees
Is that the boiling point of passion?
Or just the tempering of eXXXcitement
As the mercury soars upward into clear skies
Feels good
The heat makes my skin tingle
On my breast
One hundred and eleven degrees
The pooling sweat steams
Where it meets my tongue on the tip of your dick
LuscXXXious, is your taste in my mouth
Knowing that our playground is this corner
Escalades my pleasure to maXXXimum
Come here, baby
One hundred and eleven degrees is just the beginning
I want to take you on a

The Man Reflected

Coated caramel
Coated chocolate
Chocolate flavored
Chocolate savored
Savored sweetness
Savored honey
Honey promises
Honey secrets
Secrets shared
Secrets dreams
Dreams spoken
Dreams breathed
Breathed faith
Breathed love
Love always
Love brother
Brother pride
Brother only
Only touch
Only flavor
Flavor tinged
Flavor locked
Locked together
Locked universe
Universe speak
Universe envy
Envy explained
Envy evident
Evident felt
Evident passion
Passion evolved
Passion changed
Changed days
Changed nights
Nights dark
Nights heaven
Heaven kissed
Heaven smooth
Smooth color
Smooth skin
Skin waiting
Skin felt
Felt reflection
Felt pleased
Pleased brother
Pleased black

Sunday, June 6, 2010


(Girlfriend in a box)

You do
I do
Do love
Do sex
Sex there
Sex here
Here maybe
Here soon
Soon good
Soon patiently
Patiently hard
Patiently wait
Wait for you
Wait months
Months pass
Months come
Come spring
Come fell
Fell hard
Fell in love
Love in heart
Love in soul
Soul worried
Soul troubled
Troubled word
Troubled water
Water flows
Water salty
Salty preserves
Salty keeps
Keeps in storage
Keep on shelf
Shelf in closet
Shelf over bed
Bed is empty
Bed is cold
Cold hands
Cold feet
Feet straight
Feet bound
Bound emotion
Bound tight
Tight board
Tight corded
Corded nyet
Corded girlfriend

Friday, June 4, 2010

crucially cerulean

A midnight sky under a full moon
Holds no sway against the tides
Chief tutelage of a master
Removed my need of the bosun’s whistle
The only blowing you will experience
Will set your mind to reeling
Your senses tingling
Your balance akilter
I will draw from your Poetic pen
The azure pigment needed to
Inscribe my name on your skin
That you will forever wear tattooed
In the small of your back
On your inner thigh
Across the third rib
For even in the dawn of creation
I sprang from that place
Full grown Athenian
And while you might say
This makes me subservient to you
The real truth is you need me
Your warrior maiden
You desire me
My body calls you
In a primal language
Of verbal grunts and adjectivial groans
Tears and sweat release in individual droplets
There is no intimate inhibitions
To hell with trite contrition
To make you whole
To bear your rhythm
To baptize your spirit
There is no prodigal return
Except through me
I am your middle passage to navigate
Until you refine your purpose
I will remain the sapphire oasis in your desert
Each probing implantation in other waters
Will only leave you blue and never quench your thirst
I await the whisper, if you dare to speak
"Crucially" cerulean across my lips

Thursday, June 3, 2010

the other woman

Sex only

I am

Waiting softness

Shoulders sagged trouble

Arms in forgetfulness


Quietly speaking

Negligible cost

Time borrowed and stolen

Destructive, decadent, impossible, inevitable

And nights


Dreams my own

Life as taken




Taken as life

Own my dreams

Nights and


Inevitable, impossible, decadent, destructive

Stolen and borrowed time

Cost negligible

Quietly speaking


Forgetfulness in arms

Trouble sagged shoulders

Softness waiting

Am I

Only sex?